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DCA School Uniforms for 2023 - 2024

For this school year, all uniforms need to follow the following guidelines.




All school uniforms must be neat and clean, and reflect an appearance of modesty. To ensure uniformity in design, fit, and color, all uniforms should be purchased through French Toast.


On dress-up days, apparel must not be sheer, brief, low cut, or revealing above or below the waist in a way that is embarrassing or indecent. Shorts, ripped jeans, and shirts with inappropriate logos and/or designs are not permitted. Inappropriate-style clothing or jewelry is also not allowed in the building.

Uniform Bermuda shorts are only allowed for pre-k through 3rd grade students. Please note that the date and manner of wearing shorts may be subject to change at the discretion of the principals.

Girls and boys in kindergarten through 12th grade must wear sneakers in black, navy, or solid white, or navy/black sturdy shoes (e.g., Mary Janes or loafers/dress shoes). Preschool students may wear closed-toe shoes of any color, but please keep in mind that they will be playing outside most days, and we are not responsible for shoe cleanliness.

Boys are not allowed to wear earrings. Girls may wear small, simple, inexpensive earrings in a post style (not hoop or drop style), limited to one (1) earring in each ear. It is not permissible for either boys or girls to wear body-piercing jewelry in school.

Hats and outdoor jackets are not to be worn once inside the building. Only school logo sweaters and sweatshirts are permitted. On School Spirit days, only the approved Ambassadors mascot apparel is allowed to be worn.

Students not in compliance with the dress code will receive a uniform referral sheet and may be subject to detention or being sent home (unexcused). They will be permitted to return upon approval of the school administrator.


Pre-K2, Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and Kindergarten-12th grade:

  • Cardigan sweater: Navy or gray

  • Shorts: Navy or heather gray (Bermuda style only, applicable for PreK-3rd grade, must come past fingertips with extended arms)

  • Short or Long Sleeve Polo Shirt with School Embroidering: White or navy

  • Pants: Heather gray or navy only

  • Pullover/button-up sweater with school embroidering: Navy or heather gray

  • Blazer: Navy

  • White-Collar Shirt (Blouse for girls)

  • Crossover Blue/Gold plaid tie (Necktie for boys)


Girls Only:

  • Jumper: Plaid blue and gold

  • Skort: Plaid blue/gold, solid navy, or heather gray

Kindergarten - 12th Grade Chapel Attire 

  • White Button Down 

  • Blazer: Navy 

  • Dress/Dress Pant: Navy

  • Tie: Navy/ Navy/Gold plaid 

  • Black or Brown Dress shoes



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