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At this stage, children thrive on hands-on learning experiences, engaging their natural curiosity and eagerness to explore. Our vibrant learning environment is tailored to ignite their creativity and foster a love for discovery, rooted in our Godly views. Guided by our Christian values, our preschool curriculum integrates biblical principles into every aspect of learning.

From ages 2 to 4, our classrooms are infused with faith, as all classes start their day with Bible teachings. Through interactive activities, we not only focus on developmental milestones like color, shape, and number recognition but also emphasize spiritual growth. Children are encouraged to engage in age-appropriate Bible lessons alongside hands-on exploration, nurturing their hearts and minds. Our dedicated teachers instill a love for learning and a deep understanding of God's love, shaping well-rounded individuals from an early age.

Visit the DCA Campus in Raeford, NC

Dominion Christian Academy

Office Phone: 




8332 Fayetteville Rd

Raeford, NC 28376

School Hours


8:00am - 3:30pm

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